Anna Haenko paints the beauty and serenity of nature, capturing the essence of it in every painting.
The colours and shapes inspire the viewer to connect with nature and escape the fast pacing of the modern world.


Anna Haenko is an innovative painter who creates mesmerising abstract art inspired by the natural world. Her bold use of colour and texture produces stunning pieces that evoke rich emotions. The result a versatile style that blends nature and abstraction. Explore her portfolio and get inspired today.

Her work has been featured in galleries and exhibitions around the world.

“Standing face to face with her canvases literally spellbinds the audience, they feel like being ‘sucked’ into the painting to take an energetic, mesmerizing journey. Her paintings always leave very deep and long-lasting impressions on people.”

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“Anna Haenko is an exclusively talented painter. Her genre is enchanting and unique. She is not following any trend.”

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“These wondrous artworks are worth millions!”

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